CSI Innovation Team Grant

The CSI ASB (Associated Student Body) was awarded an Innovation Team Grant from our school district. Read more about their learning through the grant.

This fall, the CSI ASB (Associated Student Body) applied for an Innovation Team Grant from our school district. The team was awarded a grant to go to a leadership conference together and put on a community event. Please watch this short video that the ASB made to share their learning. “Applying for the grant was a challenge because we were nervous to pitch our idea in front of the judges and other students. But we overcome our fear and progressed as a leadership community. The funds from the grant let us go to the leadership training and bring the community together with a Multicultural Night.”  - Joshua J., CSI ASB Vice-President


At the leadership conference, students learned about leadership skills and some activities that they could lead at school. They have been using these skills to lead games and activities for all uptown students during weekly Prime Time Challenges. Students also wanted to bring the whole CSI community together with a Multicultural Night last month. They are very proud of the number of people who shared their culture at the event and want your feedback. “We’ve constructed a survey so that we can learn if we met our goal of bringing the community together. Please help us take the survey: bit.ly/csiasbfeedback Thank you!” - Keilia B., CSI ASB Treasurer


Meet the CSI ASB Team: Angela P., Joshua J., Kirra F., Keilia B., Svyatoslav (Slava) D., Oliva R., Sophia V., ASB Advisors: Lily Alberts and Erin Woll