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Upcoming Events

Neighborhood Safety

Please be mindful of our neighbors when dropping off and picking up our students.  Stay within the posted speed limit, and please do not block driveways or crosswalks when parking.  

Come See What They're Learning

Mark your calendars for our Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 12.  We will begin the evening with a Dedication Ceremony at 6:00 PM.  Following the ceremony, parents will visit their children's classrooms from 6:30 - 7:00 to learn about curriculum, instruction, and our CSI Community.  

Ice Cream Social at CSI

Friday, September 7th right after school.  See attached flyer for details.

Back to School Night is September 12

Please join us for Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 12 at 6:30 PM, following the Dedication Ceremony which begins at 6:00 PM.  Campbell Care will be on site to provide child care so that adults may visit the classroom presentations.

Yard Duty Help Needed

CSI is looking for additional staff for yard duty.  This can be either a paid or voluntary position.  Lunch is from 11:15-12:30.  If  you are interested, please contact Norma Jeanne Ready at:  njready [at], or call the school office at 408-364-4222.