CSI Notices

Brief reminders, announcements, and notifications

Updated Fri, Mar 8th

Please be mindful of our neighbors when dropping off and picking up our students.  Stay within the posted speed limit, and please do not block driveways or crosswalks when parking.  

Updated Sat, Aug 17th

CSI is looking for additional staff for yard duty.  This can be either a paid or voluntary position.  Lunch is from 11:15-12:30.  If  you are interested, please contact Norma Jeanne Ready at:  njready [at] campbellusd.org, or call the school office at 408-364-4222.

Updated Wed, Aug 8th

Watch this 54-second video to see how to use our online school and district events calendar.

Updated Thu, Oct 25th

The 2018-19 Back-to-School Information "Packet" is online this year.


Using the email address provided by parents/guardians, we are sending a message with link(s) by which they may:

  1. Confirm/Update the Emergency Contact information for their students. (Emergency Contact information is required to receive middle school class schedule!)
  2. Review legally required notices, parental consent forms, and information about that first day of school.
  3. Generate a confirmation email that shows completion of steps 1 and 2 above. IMPORTANT! Middle School students will need to bring a copy of the confirmation email with them to receive their class schedule!

If you did not receive an email, or if you cannot access the online forms, please contact the school office.


Each school's website will have back-to-school information specific to that school posted on its Family Involvement page, found under the Resources tab at the top of the home page. (CSI's website has a different format so the information will be in the School Notices Section very soon).

Need More?
If you have a question or would like to request a hard copy of the back-to-school packet, please contact the school office, or email contact [at] campbellusd.org.

Updated Thu, Oct 25th

There is a new look for the News page on the Campbell School of Innovation website, and some new communication features too.

CSI Inside is the Principal's blog where she and selected staff will share stories, images and reflections about "doing school differently" at Campbell School of Innovation.

CSI Connect is where readers will find featured news and photos about what is happening at school, in classrooms and in the CSI community.

CSI Notices (lower on the web page) is where readers will see briefs and reminders that support school operations and parent communication.

Other standard and convenient information is also located on the News page: bell schedule, lunch menus, upcoming events, contact information, and a link to subscribe to our weekly e-news.

We hope you'll add the CSI News page to your list of favorite web links.