Enrichment Courses at CSI After School

Our CUSD Expanded Learning Department has lined up some great classes for Session #1.

Art & Innovation for grades 4-5/Thursdays

Art & Nature for grades 1-3/Tuesdays

Band for grades 2-8/Wednesdays

Chess Wizards for grades K-5/Mondays

Mad Science; NASA Academy for grades K-2/Mondays

NEXPLORE 3-D Printing for grades 3-5/Wednesdays

NEXPLORE Robocoding for grades K-2/Fridays

Soccer for grades K-2/Thursdays

Online registration is open but ends September 1st.

Classes begin the week of September 11, and end the week of November 13 with the exception of Band which runs thru February 28.

Register at http://www.campbellusd.org/enrichment