The Bug Project

The Bug Project models the spirit of innovation and is an example of CSI's commitment to nurturing student empathy, creativity, and leadership skills.

At the Campbell School of Innovation, students are not just learners; they are creators, problem solvers, and innovators. At the heart of their learning journey lies the Bug Project – a project that ignites their curiosity and empowers their real-world problem-solving.

The Bug Project is more than just an isolated classroom activity. Students identify real-world issues, which we call "bugs," and design innovative solutions to address them. Guided by our CSI Design Process: Seek, Learn, and Lead; students embark on applying empathy, curiosity, and action.

“Our problem was that there’s lots of trash in the lunchroom. My idea was to make a sign with pictures and letters to let people know to clean up. My idea worked because I looked on the ground later and there were not even crumbs!” - Poppy K., TK student

“The thing I liked most about the Bug Project this year was that I got to choose a problem around World Hunger. We got to hear about what others in the community are doing to try to solve this problem. I got to build a 3D model and share my idea.” - Joshua A., 6th grader

A few third graders wanted to share commercial videos about their ideas: Poaching Video and Littering Video.

The CSI student learning journey is not just about solving problems; it's about shaping a brighter, more innovative future for us all.