Picture Day 2020

We have scheduled pictures in the Bistro on two days for families to drive thru on November 12th and 13th by last name of the alphabet in 15 minute intervals. Here is the schedule;

Day one 11/12:  A @ 1:15 PM, Ba-Be @ 1:30 PM, Bi-By @ 1:45 PM, C @ 2 PM, D @ 2:15 PM, E and F @ 2:30 PM, G @ 2:45 PM, H @ 3 PM, I and J @ 3:15 PM, K @ 3:20 PM and L @ 3:45 PM.

Day two 11/13: M @ 1:15 PM, N and O @ 1:30 PM, P and Q @ 1:45 PM, R @ 2 PM, Sa-Se @ 2:15 PM, Sh-Si @ 2:30 PM, Sm-Su @ 2:45 PM, T and U @ 3 PM, V @ 3:15 PM, W @ 3:30 PM, and X, Y, and Z @ 3:45 PM.

We will have a line snaking thru the parking lot and when your car gets to the front nearest to the Bistro, students may get out and stand in line to go into the Bistro and have their photo taken. TK, Kinders and 1st, one parent may get out and go with their student for their comfort. Parents/guardians are required to wear a mask. Students also have to wear a mask but can remove once they sit for their photo. Mrs. Harris will be out helping with the car line, directing and keeping things organized. 

You are not required to purchase pictures but we would like every student photographed. They will receive a school picture ID card and their photo will appear in the yearbook.

After picture day you will receive an email from us with a photo code to order pictures. There will be no picture make-up day, and no group photos at this time. We will revisit the topic of group/class photos in the spring if possible. Questions can be directed to Michelle Valine in the Welcome Center or by email at mvaline [at] campbellusd.org.