CSI Think Tank - You Can Check Out Books

Even though we are Distance Learning, you can still check out books from our Think Tank (Library). Below are the instructions from Mrs. Harris who is working two days per week to get books out to our students. 

 Please encourage your students to check out books from the https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fcsi.goalexandria.com&c=E,1,zpaw1OQvmLaLww7MWQ_zTguibmrk6SK7ITRzLWCUNXaDWjyWyOzcOcc1j3yXb7pDGT4YVOdcv1UcFFDR_Tlk14ACqAPFh8-6eu5HtilTFByaa6BR9PlpA3bw7Q,,&typo=1 website. They will need their student number, and if they need instructions, they can go to the Think Tank on the CSI website. Ms. Richards has posted a YouTube video telling how to do it.

You may also receive an 'Overdue Book Notice' when you come to get materials/work if you have a book assigned to you that has not been accounted for.

Happy Reading!