Julia Quintero

Julia Quintero, Teacher, Campbell School of Innovation

Julia Quintero is bringing a global perspective to CSI as she begins her career within the Campbell Union School District. Quintero’s experience as a tutor, teacher, mentor and caretaker to students in grades pre-k to college has taken her across several organizations in Chicago, East Palo Alto, Phoenix, and Italy.

Quintero believes students learn best when they are engaged in the right conditions to make their own discoveries and realizations. She firmly believes students’ social-emotional skills are significant in becoming a productive member of the community. 

She plans to help students navigate social conflict, advocate for themselves and others, and teach them how to ask their peers for help.

Quintero has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology with a concentration in child development from Stanford University, as well as a Master of Arts in Education and a multiple subjects teaching credential from the Stanford Teacher Education Program.