Jack Ma

Jack Ma, began his teaching career five years ago after leaving the corporate work force in the medical and technology fields. He chose to invest in public education because he understands the needs of  21st century youth (The i-Generation) . He is humbled to join the CSI team wth the mission of equipping students with foundational skills to be change-agents in the complex landscape of what is called the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

“I feel compelled by a personal conviction to pass on real world skills that students will use to be the contributors and empathetic leaders of our community” he says. “As an advocate of the Design Thinking process, Social-Emotional Learning, and Growth-Mindset, I believe a balanced trifecta of holistic learning will empower young people to be responsible and successful in their future goals.”

"I have been so priveleged to glean from so many pioneering minds in my former life career pursuits. Therefore, I know that I have a responsibility to pay it forward with these funds of knowledge so we together can build a more equitable future!"

When he's not in the classroom, you'll find him hanging out with his wife (also a teacher) and 3 1/2 year old son, cooking fusion recipes while watching the Food Network, reading a good book and sipping coffee at Philz', tinkering with machines and thinking about how to re-engineer things with a 3D-printer, or riding his road bike on local trails in San Jose. He loves the great outdoors and is an avid fan of fishing, hiking, and teaching survivalist skill sets.

Mr. Ma holds a teaching credential and Master’s degree from San Jose State University. He has taught middle school grade levels in the Santa Clara County public schools, and a number of years in Southern California for private schools.