Why We Play!

This Wednesday, February 1, we celebrate Global Playday!

We love Global Playday! It is celebrated each year, usually in early February. Here at CSI, we believe that play is an important component of learning. We know that children play to practice skills. Actually, adults often use play to practice and learn new skills as well. Think about team sports or learning a new hobby which is often done in social settings. During those times we try out possibilities, allow our creativity to emerge, and we build relationships. 

In the classroom, we often try to build in elements of play throughout our lessons. In our younger grades, it builds opportunities for students to practice their communication skills and grow their problem solving skills. This practice is extremely beneficial for collaboration, which is a key component of learning here at CSI. In our older grades, play happens during math and science exploration, through project work, and during our Innovation hours, giving students a chance to practice curiosity and discovery as they hone their questioning skills.

For the last five years, we have enjoyed participating in Global Playday which celebrates our kids! This is the day they can bring their favorite toy from home, share their favorite board game, or just use their imagination to create their own playworld. Play is woven in and out of the day and our teachers come ready to play alongside our students as they encourage them to solve their own differences and take ownership of their experience. We take reflective time at the end of the day to help students critically think through their struggles from the day and celebrate their successes.  These are sticky lessons that help students in their daily classroom interactions. This is why we play; so much fun and so much learning!