What Are We Learning?

Our staff is spending a few days on professional development in October. Here's what we are learning.

Campbell School of Innovation has had the pleasure of working closely with the Stanford d.School over the last several years. We've learned about the design process, design mindsets, and how to integrate these skills and practices into our daily work. This October, we have had the priviledge of working with some amazing people from the d.School. Last Monday we spent time with Louie Montoya and Seamus Hart who led us through some interesting work around storytelling and bias. We are learning to analyze our own identity and the different lenses we bring to all aspects of our lives and the impact that has on the stories we tell. In a couple of weeks, we will continue that work with Laura McBain as we look at our Seek, Learn, and Lead wheel and go deeper with understanding how those concepts frame our academic and innovation work. We are also doing some work with Gender Spectrum, discovering more about the dimensions of gender and how we can ensure that we are being gender inclusive educators. We value these "PD" days and appreciate the time for learning as we continue to grow as a school, as educators, and as people.