Conversations in Courage

Each month we focus on a character trait. This month we are talking about Courage.

Our world is full of disruption and change. We have so many things happening each day and we are all suffering from information overload and high stress levels. Our students are often experiencing many of these same feelings and are not always able to verbalize them or understand the tensions and emotions that accompany them. By starting our year by focusing on the character trait of courage, we offer students a way to confront their fears with support. Our definition of courage? "To choose what is good, right, and kind, even when it is hard or scary." (from our Character Strong curriculum) Our conversations in the classroom have included discussions around this definition, asking students to name some of their fears, and to design and prototype ideas that might help themselves and others with their fears. Our focus is always on empathy.  We all need a little help in responding to the "hard or scary." Below is one idea for helping your children develop their courage muscles. 

 From Character Strong:

What’s something that you’ve been afraid to discuss with your child? Something that might be difficult to explain about our community or the world. Chances are they will hear about it eventually, and it may come from someone who’s less informed or less supportive than you. Have a courageous conversation with your child. It could be about bullying, the environment, uncertainty, etc.. Remind them that love and support are two tools that we can use to practice Courage. Brainstorm ways they can practice Courage around the issue you discuss.