What is Design Thinking?

We are learning to think and see the world like designers!

Design Thinking at CSI


What is design thinking?


Design thinking is a human-centered problem-solving process with an inquiry-based mindset. We engage in design thinking so we are better able to solve complex and real-world challenges and look for innovative solutions.

This nonlinear process values critical thinking and empathy, with a focus on the WHY of learning over a final product, or the WHAT. Curiosity and wonder (SEEK) are woven throughout the process which is grounded in reflection (LEARN) and storytelling (LEAD).  The goal of design thinking is problem-focused, rather than project focused.


What does design thinking look like at CSI?

We seek to understand:

Students engage in each component of the Design Thinking process. For example, when focusing on empathy, students engage in needfinding through curious questioning and seek to  understand through multiple perspectives. Exploring different components of the design thinking cycle introduces students to new mindsets and strategies without being confined to a single answer, solution, or end product.


We learn for a purpose:

Our goal is to balance and blend grade-level standards with current needs and challenges in our changing world. After engaging in needfinding and research, students design potential solutions to authentic problems. This builds a greater understanding of the world around us, connecting school to the real world in a meaningful way.


We are learning to lead:

Students take action to innovate, inspire, and create change. Some experiences lead to opportunities for students to interact and have impact on their community. From writing thank-you letters to our neighbors during our school construction to partnering with our local library to design innovative spaces, our students are beginning to see learning through a new lens and see themselves as contributors to their world.