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Homeschool is an educational alternative that is offered through the Campbell Union School District for students from all counties surrounding Santa Clara County. Our program allows families the flexibility to work with a credentialed teacher to build a rigorous and customized educational program for the student involved. The program provides flexibility with scheduling and meets the needs of students who have outside commitments or other issues that make traditional schooling difficult. In addition, it is an alternative for parents who feel strongly that they can positively impact the education of their child by being the primary teacher. Home School puts the parent, or designated learning coach, in the role of primary educator. 

Preschool Program Information

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Enrollment & Registration
Administrative Assistant
Margarita Contreras
(408) 341-7127

Tuition Based Programs
Administrative Assistant
Kristi DeRego
(408) 341-7283

  401 W. Hamilton Ave,
Campbell, CA 95008

Hrs 8:00am–4:30pm
Tel (408) 341-7127
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