Enrichment opportunities at Campbell Middle School develop the whole student, providing knowledge and context for the world around them. Students will participate in various exploratories during their time at Campbell Middle School. They're encouraged to try these classes, and maybe even discover a new passion in Band,  Digital Photography/Media, MESA, Video Productions Technology, Visual Arts, or World Languages. They’re also encouraged to participate in a variety of after-school activities and clubs.

Campbell Middle School offers a wide range of after school options, including academic enrichment opportunities, sports, homework help, performing arts and more!  Some options are available through... Learn More
Clubs provide students an opportunity to develop their interests alongside peers and teachers. These student-based organizations generally meet during school hours, but may have extra-curricular... Learn More
Exploratories are a great way to develop a well-rounded individual. At Campbell Middle School, students have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes to develop their creative and analytical... Learn More


Music energizes and enlivens learning. Campbell Middle School offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced band courses, and students have the opportunity to try a variety of instruments. Also, the... Learn More
The Digital Photography course covers the concepts of traditional photography, and how it translates to digital technologies. Students learn how to use computer hardware and software as tools in... Learn More
Journalism at Campbell Middle School teaches about the power of words, the pressure of deadlines, and ability to impact a community. At CMS, Journalism is a dedicated 7th and 8th grade exploratory... Learn More
MESA, which stands for Math, Science, Engineering and Achievement, is a program that partners with local industries and colleges to help students prepare to pursue a degree in math, science or... Learn More
Technology continues to be a priority for CUSD. With the implementation of online assessments and the goal of creating 21st Century learners, students are getting more and more exposure to technology... Learn More
As part of the STEAM curriculum, Visual Arts at Campbell Middle School provides students with planned, success-oriented art experiences using a variety of materials and techniques. Students will... Learn More
While emphasizing the Common Core curriculum, World Language at Campbell Middle School encourages students to make connections with a different culture and take ownership of their education through... Learn More


Campbell Middle School is proud to offer students the chance to be part of the National Junior Honor Society. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor middle school students who have... Learn More
Leadership classes are responsible for organizing student activities on campus. Participating students have direct input over the activities that occur throughout the school year, so be sure to get... Learn More
Student Council members are democratically elected class officers that help oversee campus events. CMS Student Council consists of four elected officers: president, vice president, secretary, and... Learn More

After School

Campbell Middle School offers competitive sports for boys and girls; the sports offered are: cross-country, soccer, volleyball, track and field, and basketball. Sports try-outs are advertised at... Learn More
Campbell Middle School is very interested in giving back to the generous community in which it resides. Students will have an opportunity to do community service projects throughout the school year... Learn More
The Drama program at Campbell Middle School provides students with opportunities to gain confidence and build collaboration, public speaking, and social interaction skills as they develop a solid... Learn More
The Crew is where middle school students can relax, listen to music, play video games, table games and receive homework help in a safe and fun place. Students have computer access, enjoy a daily... Learn More