Let's Play In Spanish K-2 Class At Csi

CAMPBELL UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT EXTENSION PROGRAMS Let's Play in Spanish at CSI Let's Play in Spanish at CSI is a great way to learn spanish. The curriculum is delivered through variety of formats including musical immersion making it easy to learn. The program's methodology is based on theme songs, comedy, and hands on activities. Our classes provides, visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. Registration opens Wednesday 2/5 and ends Wednesday 3/11, and space is limited to 12 students for each class. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Register online at cusdextensions.asapconnected.com Grades: K-2 When: Thursdays Time: 2:11-3:11pm Starts: 4/2/- 5/28 *No class on 4/9 Room: TBD Cost $235 *There must be a minimum of 8 students to hold each class, No refunds will be granted after the session has started. Refunds will be given with a 2-week advance notice minus a $15 processing fee. All students are responsible to walk to class and your child must be picked up at the end of class daily or return to the after school program if enrolled. For more information please call Extension Programs at 408-364-4200 ext. 6204

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