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Hello CSI Wolves! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Times right now can be challenging and confusing, and a lot to digest. PTO wanted to check in, say hi, and see how families are doing. We are very fortunate to have a community here at CSI and the friendships that have been made. To keep that community strong and the friendships stronger, we created various ways for families to stay connected during our school closure. We're calling this movement "CSI Connects". CSI Connects Challenge: To help keep families active, busy, and creative, we are starting the #CSIConnects Challenge. Please visit the CSI PTO website to see which challenges you want to join. Any of the challenges can be completed on any given day. Our goal is to create something simple & fun! Submit a photo of your student or family completing the challenge and we'll share it on the PTO website. If you provide approval, we may feature your photo on our Instagram or Facebook platforms. Social Media: Follow CSI PTO on Instagram and Facebook. You'll see photos of the CSI community, challenges, school updates, and maybe even a surprise from a CSI Faculty or Staff Member! Instagram: @CSIPTO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CSIPTO (or you can search CSI PTO) Student Social Contact List: A Google Form was created for families to complete, only if they wish to share their information with other families in their student's grade. Some of the students are missing their friends and would love to connect with them. And some families would like to just say hi and connect with other families. This form helps eliminate that gap. Friends and families can connect via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, just chat over the phone, maybe send messages or videos to each other, or use other apps to connect. Below is the link to the form. If you wish to NOT share your information with your student's grades, please DO NOT complete the form. Google Form Link: https://bit.ly/3b8srF2 Everyday Photos: Do you have a photo you want to share, but it's not a challenge photo? We want to see photos of the CSI Community sharing how they are staying safe during the "shelter in place". Submit the photo on the CSI PTO website to share with others. If you have any questions, please reach out to CSI PTO at csipto.info@gmail.com. Kindly, Elizabeth Sterling, CSI Connects Program Chair Shaheen Kanchwala, CSI PTO Vice President

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